Echo State Park Sewer and Grading

RCI is served as the general contractor for the grading and sewer portions of a new state park in Shannon County, Missouri that is located approximately 18 miles north of Eminence, Missouri on Route 19. The project includes approximately 110,000 cubic yards of site grading along with 2,000 lineal feet of underground storm sewer piping, three wastewater treatment facilities with approximately 70,000 lineal feet of sewer collection mains, force mains and sewer absorption piping. Due to the sensitive waterways in the area, it has been imperative for RCI to be proactive regarding storm water runoff issues and utilize best management practices to curtail unnecessary pollution from entering nearby pristine waterways. This project utilizes non-discharging wastewater treatment facilities that will pump all discharges to large absorption fields located in wooded areas around the park. RCI is utilizing low impact equipment to accomplish our challenging task of pipe installation in the wooded areas. This project also includes approximately 24,000 square feet of segmental retaining walls, stone walls and associated grading and footings. The project is expected to be complete before the designated completion of April 29, 2016.


460 Acre State Park Site
RCI Role:
General Contractor
Spring 2016