Eagle Sky Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

RCI served as the general contractor for the construction of the Eagle Sky of the Ozarks wastewater treatment lagoon. Eagle Sky of the Ozarks is a Christian camp that is being constructed on a 5000 acre site in the beautiful Ozarks. RCI also constructed the wastewater collection system, water distribution system and water treatment plant as part of the overall project. The wastewater treatment lagoon project included moving approximately 100,000 cubic yards of material to construct the 25 million gallon no-discharge lagoon and also included the construction of the associated inlet structure and irrigation pump station. RCI was tasked with construction of the earthen lagoon and another contractor was hired to install the synthetic liner within the basin. In preparation of the liner installation, RCI prepared the subgrade to protect the liner from rocky material and also completed all finished grading operations on the outside of the banks in preparation of the final seeding and mulching.


25 Million Gallon No-Discharge Waste water Lagoon
RCI Role:
General Contractor
Fall 2015