Eagle Sky of the Ozarks Infrastructure Construction

The project consists of constructing all water, sanitary sewer, and gas lines for the 5,000 acre camp which, includes approximately: 90,000 linear feet of water lines with pipe sizes ranging from 3” to 10”, 6,800 linear feet of 8” gravity sewer with 22 pre-cast manholes, 29,000 linear feet of force mains with pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 12”, 6 lift stations, 38,500 linear feet of MDPE yellow gas pipe, 2,300 linear feet of directional boring for 8” and 12” carrier pipe. The project had a very aggressive schedule starting in April of 2014 and had to be completed by December 2014 in order for the camp to open in the 2015 season.


RCI Role:
General Contractor
Winter 2014