Current Projects

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UPRR & Pine Street Structures & Approaches – Donaldson, Arkansas

This Arkansas Highways Project consists of 90,000 cubic yards of fill material & a new bridge spanning Pine Street & the Union Pacific Railroad. It is located in Donaldson, Arkansas, and is expected to be completed in the winter of 2017.

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The new bridge will have four concrete support bents with concrete girders and a concrete deck that span both LaCroix Creek and the large sinkhole areas on the north end of the existing bridge.

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Mississippi County, Ar. Job # 100760 – State Highway 77 & 140

Over 648,000 pounds of rebar and structural steel were used to build the bridges along with over 2,200 cubic yards over concrete. Grading consisted of over 20,000 cubic yards of embankment including the installation of special geogrid for stabilization.

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HWY 18 Monette Bypass – AHTD CA1001

The project consists of approximately 300,000 CY of grading, aggregate base, asphalt paving, four bridge length box culverts, a composite 329ft W-beam bridge constructed in two stages, and other misc. roadway items.

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Ouachita River Bridge

This project shall consist of a new alignment 1,630 ft bridge which spans the Ouachita River and the Union Pacific Railroad. The roadway portion of this project includes mechanically stablized earth wall systems and roughly 60,000 cubic yards of embankment.

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